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How To Access Virtual Reality Porn On Apple Devices?

There's a lot of buzz going on the term "Virtual Reality". Yet, One may wonder, how to dive deep into the world of VR Pornography. This article will guide you in familiarizing with this niche in a jiffy.

How does the VR Works?To put it straight, you look out for the content. Now, use your Apple device to sync the content to your device. Place the device in the VR headset and enjoy!. The Virtual Reality plays the video in the side-by-side format. Hence, It plays two modes of the same picture. The VR Gear does the rest of the magic to convert the 2-D videos into a realistic 3-dimensional masterpiece.
Along with 360-degree videos, virtual reality is compatible with the head movement. To trick your mind that the things are happening right around you. In reality, your physical presence can be anywhere you want.

Where To Look For The VR Videos?Finding the right video might seem like the task but it's not. You can without much of a stretch find a side-by-side format video. But, the head movement tracker actually defines the word "reality" in "virtual reality". So, you have to look for the website that supports the whole virtual reality concept.
There are many websites to show you the virtual reality porn. Like VRhump, YouGoggle, VRSmash, and VRPornGalaxy to view your stuff from their huge collection.
Which VR Player To Use?

For Apple devices, Mobile VR Viewer is the most favorable VR media player. You'll need this media player to enjoy the realistic VR experiencing you are seeking. The head movement detection works fine with the Mobile VR Viewer. This application is free to download. Although, you have to spend few bucks to get the premium version of the lengthier VR videos. The free version will be good enough for the trailers. Getting the premium will cost you only two to three dollars.

This guide was to give you an overview of Virtual Reality Adult Entertainment. Also, to help you access it on an IOS device. If you are ready to give it a try, I am certain you will be overwhelmed with the realistic experience of VR Porn.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Automation in the Adult Entertainment Industry

Virtual reality is the future of porn or so some experts say. With technology becoming a major player in the porn industry it may cause some competition for the actual people in the industry. Super realistic looking computer generated “actors” and “actresses” are predicted to be the next best thing coming to the porn industry.
Most people already associate porn with fantasy so going from human actors to automated actors will not seem like that big of a change. In porn there is no emotion or connecting so it already feels like something that is just automated.  
Some people in the porn industry believe that once people begin wanting to participate in their sexual fantasies rather than just watch them then real actors will not be needed anymore. Virtual reality has already opened the door to that realm of possibility. For a good chunk of money you can buy a virtual reality headset that allows you to have intercourse with a virtual character in a video game-type world.

It is predicted that in 10 years there will be a type of holodeck that will allow for you to completely customize your sexual fantasy. There are already some prototypes such as the Microsoft HoloLens and the porn industry will probably be among the first to try using it.
Before too long celebrities and porn stars will be selling virtual images of themselves. Some porn stars have already created virtual avatars for themselves to allow for players to live out their fantasies. 3D porn is already being introduced to the people of the industry through platforms like GameLink. More and more people are now opening their minds to virtual reality porn as more headsets and software keep being placed on the market.
Virtual reality porn also seems to be cheaper to make so that means it will be more readily available and affordable for consumers. You don’t have to hire any directors or camera crews and there is no expensive camera equipment and editing costs. If a porn actor is bad at improvising and needs to be given a lot of instruction then it is likely that they will not succeed in this new aspect of the porn world.
Introducing virtual reality into porn will cause the actors and actresses with less natural talent to be weeded out. Virtual reality in porn will require actors that can get scenes right on the first try. While virtual reality may make it harder for human actors to succeed it will create new jobs in other areas because someone will have to do the programming and uploading.
Vivid Entertainment is one of the biggest adult entertainment company and is already investing in virtual reality technology. In the last month they have done at least 5 virtual scenes. In October they released a virtual reality version of the Kim Kardashian sex tape, which they own the rights to.
A lot of famous porn performers believe that their jobs are not going to be replaced because they think that virtual reality porn is going to be another product entirely. They believe it will be just another branch underneath such as hentai. This makes sense because it is likely that not everyone will like virtual porn and they may prefer to just keep purchasing and viewing original human actor porn.
Some performers think that consumers are going to prefer watching real people over virtual characters that are just digital recreations and don’t have that “real life” vibe.
Some performers are offering one on one webcam shows and more to add appeal and possibly help to ensure they are not replaced. It all goes back to whether or not people are going to prefer human attention over the digital image aspect.

Many experts believe that introducing this type of technology to the porn industry will allow for people to get a better collective understanding of their sexuality because there are less boundaries and more room for experimentation. 

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